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light-heartedness, carefreeness, light-mindedness, high spirits, vivacity, cheerfulness...

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…impressed by his deep knowledge

With old age bearing down on me, about twelve years ago I started an exercise regimen and about halfway through I found Chris Cabebe and I’ve been working with him ever since. I have been impressed by his deep knowledge, his preparation and his way of getting me to do my best. I’m 78 now and feel (and look) much younger. But the real payoff was a few months ago when I fell off a ladder breaking my hip (among other indignities). If you Google “78 year old man broken hip” you get all sorts of discouraging information including a long convalescence and walking with a cane and/or a walker forever. But the speed of my recovery astonished all my doctors: In four weeks I was walking easily with no assistance whatsoever and no noticeable limp. Further, all the doctors agreed that it was my good conditioning as the driver. Soon I will pass ten weeks post-surgery and will be allowed to do lower body lifting again. Deciding to work with Chris was one of my “better” decisions(!)

David Huchital

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